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Eric N

Vibration Therapy

After over a decade in the Navy, my body has had its share of wear and tear. I went to Queens Body Spa to give their vibration therapy a try. I was definitely skeptical but I left feeling rejuvenated! The ache in my knees was gone and my back felt 10 times better. I was able to stretch like I hadn’t been able to in quite some time. I was also impressed to learn that this same therapy is used in many professional athlete locker rooms! I’ll definitely be going back!

Regina Nevels

Cavitation, RF Therapy, Sauna Therapy, Vibration Therapy

I was at a place in my life that I was not pleased with my body and wanted to do something to change it. I was working out with an excellent personal trainer but found that I still had those stubborn areas that I just could not get to go away. I had considered going the surgical route but then I was introduced to body contouring and fell in love! Body Contouring is not just about beautification but it’s also about the wholeness and wellness of the total body.


Cavitation and RF Therapy

10/10 highly recommend it! Ms. Regina was very patient and informative! If you're looking to make put a little razzle-dazzle on your fupa (shrink it) go see Ms. Regina and let her get you right!

Patrica Torain

Cavitation and RF Therapy

Hey y’all, I experienced Queen’s Beauty Spa, and let me tell you, honeyyy it was the BOMB. I experienced the Vibration therapy that had me sore like I worked out, the sauna blanket. which was amazing and had me sweating like crazy 😜 and the Cavitation and RF Therapy which shocked my belly fat. Talk about a great alternative to being cut on baaabyyy let me tell you it works!

Nikki R


Queen's Body Spa- When I tell you this was a great experience! I'm a newbie and Regina informed me of every step of the process, this allowed me to get more comfortable and relaxed. I left feeling awesome and with really good results. I never thought I would be so excited to sweat but I am looking forward to my future sessions. Thank you, Regina.



Having read up on some of the services offered, I decided to do a package and see how they worked together. The room was clean and very relaxing. The staff was knowledgeable about all of the procedures. They explained everything thoroughly and answered all of my questions. I caught myself dosing off a couple of times because I was just that relaxed! I left there feeling refreshed and like I was floating on air. I’ll admit that I cheated on the water intake before my appointment but despite that, I STILL lost inches! I already have my next appointment booked!!

Deonya F


Today, I had my first experience (definitely won't be my last), with Regina at Queen's Body Spa. It was amazing- Regina was very knowledgeable and made me feel very comfortable. For every task, she explain what she was doing and the purpose for it. Thank you Regina for helping me on this journey. Can't wait for our next session.

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